Partners in Progress

At Myers & Sons Construction we have built our reputation as a company known for partnering with owners. We continue that same philosophy from an industry standpoint, we believe in building relationships with our industry partners as well as promoting and advocating for the construction industry as a whole.

AGC of America is neither narrow in focus nor limited in scope. No other trade association covers as wide a variety of important construction issues. AGC strives to create a strong, vibrant, competitive and safe construction market. AGC has experts and activists that make sure that the construction voice is heard on key issues.

Founded in 1920, The Associated General Contractors of California proudly continues to be an organization of responsible construction firms and industry-related companies dedicated to skill and integrity in improving our physical environment.

At Colorado Contractors Association, we believe in the power of infrastructure.

The Colorado Contractors Association (CCA) is the leading professional association for infrastructure construction professionals across the state, bringing infrastructure to life through the power of advocacy, education and training and partnerships.

The California Alliance for Jobs is a unique labor-management partnership that advocates for responsible investments in public infrastructure projects. Representing over 2,000 heavy construction companies and 80,000 union construction workers, the Alliance focuses on the core of what keeps California’s people and economy moving as the state’s population grows: transportation networks, water systems, and increasing the quality of infrastructure for all Californians.

As a unique partnership between labor and management, the Alliance focuses on the core of what keeps California’s people and economy moving: creating jobs and ensuring that our state builds and maintains the transportation networks, water systems, and commercial and residential building projects that are needed to keep up with a growing population.

The Alliance believes appropriate investments in public infrastructure projects is an investment in the state, an insurance payment on economic prosperity, and a gateway to continued industrial viability. The production and transport of all goods and services depends on a statewide commitment to public infrastructure.

The Alliance is proud of our members and work to provide them with the support they need to build and maintain the infrastructure necessary for modern life.

CALINFRA offers California public agencies in-person education in the form of roundtables where coalition members and staff share, in a collaborative setting, information about the fundamentals of alternative project delivery and experience-based practices that promote project success. Further, CALINFRA participates in industry events to raise the level of conversation among the widest possible audience. The coalition is executing an administrative/legislative outreach strategy that identifies champions and other stakeholders in Sacramento, crafting and delivering the materials and messages necessary to educate and persuade while countering misinformation.

DBIA: the Design-Build Institute of America is the true authority on Design-Build Done Right®. Comprised of architectural, engineering, and construction professionals, as well as academics, students, and project Owners, its members collaborate and innovate to deliver some of America’s most successful projects.