2014/2015 Concrete Bridge Deck Seal

March 18, 2016

This Project consists of two separate Federal Aid projects. The 2014 Concrete Deck Seal contains five bridges (Shelton Road Bridge across the Calaveras River, Corral Hollow Road Bridge across Delta Mendota Canal, Mac Arthur Drive across Delta Mendota Canal, Mac Arthur Drive across Corral Hollow Creek and Jack Tone Road across North Littlejohn Creek). The 2015 Concrete Deck Seal contains four bridges (O'Dell Avenue Bridge across Walker Slough, Hollenbeck Road Bridge across the South Branch of Duck Creek, Main Street Bridge across the Diverting Canal and the Chestnut Street Bridge across the Woodbridge Irrigation Canal). Public Works staff identified these bridges as a high-priority need for preventive maintenance to preserve their integrity, extend their longevity, and protect the public's investment.
The Project, in general, consists of removing existing chip seal where applicable, cleaning the deck, and applying an epoxy resin (methacrylate) to the deck of the concrete structures. The methacrylate will be applied and allowed to fill in cracks in the deck and provide a waterproof barrier, thereby preserving the integrity of the reinforcing steel and extending the longevity of these bridges. The resin will be allowed to cure until the surface is tacky at which time a sand coating will be applied for better vehicle traction.