Butte County Septage Receiving Facility

July 19, 2018

Myers and Sons Construction won this contract through Butte County as the prime contractor. The project was bid at $1.69 million. The Butte Storage Facility currently has two lined ponds for evaporating septage liquids. One of the lined ponds, built in 1993, replaced a former unlined pond. The second lined pond went into service in approximately 1997. To date, and through the development of the Module 4 waste cell, the lined ponds have serviced Butte County’s septage disposal needs over twenty years. The scope of work for this project includes a septage receiving station, steel canopy and removal of the septage ponds in order to continue development of the landfill’s Module 5 waste cell, which will sustain landfill disposal capacity in accord with the Neal Road Recycling and Waste Facility master plan.