Del Valle Dam Outlet Structure

August 11, 2023 Del Valle Dam Outlet Structure Bulkhead Installation and Removal and Storage Rack Construction consists of inspection and refurbishment of Department-furnished bulkhead gate, including the replacement of rubber “J” seals and hydraulic lines and valves. Installation and removal of Department-furnished bulkhead gate using underwater diving services. Dewatering of Flood Control Outlet Works Tunnel and Stilling Basin for inspection and necessary repairs. Installation of flap gate in Stilling Basin and slide gate within Seepage Vault. Fabrication and installation of miscellaneous metal walkway and ladders within Spillway Tunnel. Bulkhead storage rack and cover fabrication and construction of reinforced concrete pad and installation of storage rack and cover. The work involved refurbishing the tunnel interior which is 145 feet below the glory hole of the lake. Myers and Sons developed a comprehensive safety plan for the permitted confined space required to perform the work.