Hayward Recycled Water Tank & Pump Station

July 19, 2018

Myers and Sons Construction won this contract through the City of Hayward as a prime contractor. The job was bid at $4.5 million with 360 calendar days. The scope of work includes demoing a portion of the existing biofilter and constructing new biofilter, installation of a new 1.0-MG steel tank, and installation of a new 1.63-mgd/day pump station & sitework. Recycled water will be produced from wastewater that is collected from the homes and businesses within Hayward and treated at the City’s Water Pollution Control Facility. Recycled water provided to customers will be tertiary-treated water that has undergone the advanced treatment processes of filtration and disinfection to produce high quality recycled water that is safe for reuse.The water will be used for irrigation of parks, schools, and landscaped areas around commercial and industrial buildings.