Los Angeles County Valencia UV

March 2, 2021 This $17 million project entails the addition of Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection Facilities and ancillary systems that would allow for further treatment of the influent wastewater. In addition, Myers' work consists of a ground-up installation of several concrete structures, including a Flow Diversion Structure, UV Wetwell, UV Reactor Basin, and multiple junction structures. Construction is anticipated to start in November of 2018 and take approximately 24 months to complete. Joe Cutillo, Sterling’s Chief Executive Officer, commented, “This project fits in well with Myers’ core competencies, as the company has previously executed successful water infrastructure projects in California and Colorado. As we look to continue to increase Sterling’s overall mix of business in attractive adjacent markets, this award further strengthens our momentum in executing this strategy. The Valencia Water Reclamation Plant reduces Los Angeles County’s dependence on costly imported water and helps to replenish a large percentage of the groundwater used by the region. Due to the plant’s important role in protecting public health and the environment through innovative and cost effective water infrastructure, we are proud to have been chosen to modify critical plant structures and systems.”