Petaluma Biomass to Biofuel

July 19, 2018

Myers and Sons Construction won this contract as a prime contractor through the City of Petaluma at $8.2 million. Overall, the scope of work includes retrofitting the existing plant to be able to receive high strength waste and convert to natural gas. The project will build a new transfer and recieivng station. The transfer station will be loccated at the garbage collection yard and the natural gas will fiuel the City's entire fleet of refuse collection trucks. The objectives of the biomass-to-biofuels project is to process biomass locally and reduce transport of approximately 710,000 gallons per month of liquid feedstock from food and beverage processors, improve and expand the city’s wastewater treatment process ability to transform biomass to biomethane by constructing a new digester with a capacity of at least 550,000 gallons, produce at least 75,000 GGE per year of CNG with existing municipal wastewater solids, and produce at least 150,000 GGE per year of CNG with the addition of high-strength waste