Turlock RSC

March 18, 2015

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) chose to rehabilitate a portion of highway 99 in Stanislaus County from Merced County line to San Joaquin County Line. The goal of this project was not only the rehabilitation of the highway, but to minimize the impacts to freight movement and the general public. In order to accomplish these goals the project was designated as an A +B contract. The controlling items of work had to be completed at night so that the traveling public would not be interrupted during the day. To complete the work in the short night closures, Caltrans elected to use rapid strength concrete for the full depth road replacement and Superpave hot mix asphalt in the overlays sections. This is the first project chosen by Caltrans to use the Superpave hot mix.

Myers and Sons Construction bid 140 days to complete the project which is 360 days less then estimated working day schedule. This project will resurface and restore approximately 25 miles of existing pavement with 140,000 yards of Rapid Strength Concrete and 285,000 TON of asphalt, the upgrade of 10,000 LF of guardrail; installation of new traffic loops for traffic count stations at various locations; and the placement of 1,000,000 LF of pavement delineation. AGC Partnering Award Finalist, 2 Caltrans Partnering in Motion Awards