Vallejo – Ryder Street WWTP

March 18, 2015 Myers was awarded this WWTP project which includes the rehabilitation of existing chemical storage and feed facilities, installation of eleven new chemical feed pumps, improvements at the Chlorine Contact Tank B Flow Split Structure, new electrical and instrumentation, new process piping and significant structural concrete improvements. The project also includes an extensive rehabilitation of the electrical/instrumentation required for the chemical feed pump system. This work includes new electrical equipment installed in the existing chemical building MCC room, including new motor control center CBMCC, new power, control and signal conductors and cable. Work within the Headworks consisted of the installation of three horizontal chopper centrifugal pumps to replace three existing horizontal screw centrifugal pumps, demolition of existing and construction of new pump pads, modification of existing suction and discharge piping, new electrical cable and conduit, and variable frequency drive testing.The waterworks division team collaborated with Vallejo Sanitation and Flood Control District staff to develop and implement a work phasing and staging plan that mitigated impacts to ongoing plant operations.