American Valley WWTP- Quincy

March 1, 2021 Myers & Sons, in a Joint Venture with George Reed, was granted this $36.8 million contract by the American Valley Community Services District to construct a new concrete screening & grit removal facility; construct a new concrete secondary treatment process and a new scum removal pump station; install new sodium hypochlorite and sodium bisulfite storage tanks; improve existing chlorine contact basin by replacing existing Parshall flume & repairing existing concrete; construct a new building to house new switchgear, motor control center & drives for the new facilities, as well as four aeration blowers; construct a sludge dewatering facility; construct a sludge transfer pump station; construct a plant drain pump station; construct a potable water pump station and air gap structure; expand power supply and standby power system; expand and upgrade existing instrumentation & control system; demolition of existing facilities after the successful commission of new treatment process facilities.