City of Woodland ASR Wells 29 and 30

July 26, 2018

Myers and Sons Construction was selected as the prime contractor for the City of Woodland's ASR contract for wells 29 and 30. ASR is the storage of water in a suitable aquifer or aquifers during times when water is available and the recovery of the water from the aquifer when needed at a later time. In the immediate future, the project will provide high quality groundwater to the. Ultimately, the ASR program will allow the City to fully utilize the existing water rights of the Davis-Woodland Water Supply Project without placing any additional demands on the Sacramento River watershed or the Delta during the critical summer months. It will improve quality of native groundwater, and it will allow the City to meet future drinking water standards for hexavalent chromium and other constituents. This project is a significant first step in improving the City’s water supply flexibility, reliability, and sustainability.

The work consists of construction of ASR Well Sites 29 and 30, including installation and construction of new well pumps, discharge piping and valves, block buildings, gates and fences, generator at Site 30, demolition of existing wells and Well Sites 4 and 11, HVAC for individual rooms inside the buildings, electrical lineups, instrumentation, underground piping connecting the existing distribution system, storm drain system, and sewer system to the well sites, pavement and vehicle travel surface placement, monitor wells, sample analyzers for chlorine and conductivity, chemical storage tanks and dosing systems, security systems and lighting, associated electrical items and other miscellaneous appurtenances to make the project components functional.